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File Checking

Our team will check your manufacturing files, and work with you to make them suitable for your desired manufacturing technique.


Our extensive network of factories in Europe for any type of production process you may need.

design service

If you do not have a finished design ready for quoting our team can work with you to create a 3D CAD model which can then be produced.

Injection molding

Let us find the right manufacturer. We can produce molds and deliver end-user parts within 15 business days.

Assembly lines

Our consultants select the right assembly line for your product, and ensure strict quality control checks are performed.


No product is complete without packaging. We work with some of the highest quality packaging companies in Europe.

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We speak English, Dutch, German, Russian, Hungarian.
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Mark Austen

Entrepreneur & product launch specialist

Lisa Kläver

Industrial Designer & perfectionist

Gabi Potsa

Industrial Designer & workaholic

Kwint Berg

Electric & Mechanical Engineer

Diana Luchin

Industrial Designer & packaging expert