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Companies to manufacture in europe

businesses who want to produce in Europe

Here's how we can help

we’ve made it as simple as possible for businesses to start producing in Europe. EU Made’s platform is full of factories. 

Once you become a customer, simply upload your design files and explain your requirements. (Material / Finish / Quantity / Desired delivery date). 

Your inquiry will then be sent to all factories that can manufacture to your requirements, they will then place bids. 

You may then review the bids, change specification and enter negotiations with the factories directly.

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It’s easy to get new business using our platform.

Simply register your company on by clicking on this link – 

Once you sign up, one of our consultants will call you to verify you, discuss your capabilities and capacity. After this is done, we will make sure you start to receive proposal from European businesses looking to manufacture in Europe.

European manufacturer

European Factory

If you have a factory in Europe, we can help promote your factory to European businesses.

Quality Control

High standards must be maintained at all times. We only work with partners who offer quality.

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Join our growing network of European factories. Leave your details here and one of the team will call you.

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